Markus Rahlff - Development

I am a software engineer by profession. I have developed all kinds of software, e.g. a graphics system, a web-based  B2B-application and some more. I was also active in teaching students how to develop OO-based software. I tried my very best to convince my students to do things right – or not to do them at all. This is also my principle when I develop software. I met Metasafe long ago and helped to develop the Web-access for the old C-version with some compromise to my principles.

The situation changed when the decision was taken to redevelop the entire system in java. I gladly took the lead in the development of this new version. We were early adopters of the Eclipse framework for the development of the toolset including the RAP-version.

The metasafe core is quite a demanding piece of software. It is a complex task to provide a powerful and still self-explanatory API and transform the access requests real time into optimized accesses of the underlying persistence layer – for the time being a relational DBMS (derby, SQLServer, Oracle). Our kernel has full responsibility for multiuser access, access-rights and transaction control.

The development of the kernel and the development of the tools (like modeler, data editor, query-processor etc.) influenced each other strongly. The requirements of the tools improved the kernel and the set of methods exposed in the metasafe API. I am especially proud that new upcoming ideas were always properly and reliably integrated. The design and the code have achieved high stability and high flexibility at the same time. As I said – it pays to do things right.