Dr. Reinhold Thurner - Founder and CEO

My primary interest - already at the university - was to achieve superior results using engineering and modeling techniques: I used them for the development of simulation systems and management games, for an investment model for a cement company, for the development of a portable application generator, for the organization of data of an applications system and finally to organize the metadata for a large reengineering project. In all these cases I had to deal with complex information and data platforms which were not really adequate. This experience led me to the development of metasafe as a general purpose data platform - beyond the relational model.
I took many years of hard work and the support of many excellent people to reach what we have today -
an integrated entity-relationship DBMS. ....More

Markus Rahlff - Design and Development

I am a software engineer by profession. I have developed all kinds of software, e.g. a graphics system, a web-based B2B-application and some more. I was also active in teaching students how to develop OO-based software. I tried my very best to convince my students to do things right – or not to do them at all. This is also my principle when I develop software. I met Metasafe long ago and helped to develop the Web-access for the old C-version with some compromise to my principles.

The situation changed when the decision was taken to redevelop the entire system in java. I gladly took the lead in the development of this new version.
We were early adopters of the Eclipse framework for the development of
the toolset including the RAP-version. ....More