Views of the MetaEditor

The views are created as Eclipse Plugins to provide a certain functionality. New plugins can be added easily. The behaviour of some plugins can be configured via insertion points.

Search Entity View

  • find entities of a given type with wild cards on the key or indexed attributes.
  • add new entities and relationships between entities with drag and drop
  • analyse the structure using point and click along the relationship tree

Search Entity Table

  • a configurable view which displays entities in tabular form
  • click on an entity to display / edit attributes
  • export the results into an Excel sheet

Attribute View

  • display and edit the attributes of entities
  • the layout is configurable in the data model

Dynamic Data Graph View

  • display and browse the structure along the relationships with a dynamically created tree
  • click on nodes to expand the tree and display attributes
  • create a context graphic of a selected entity

Data Model View

  • display the data model of the selected schema (submodel)
  • create selected views / subviews of the data model and export graphics

Query View - erSQL

  • define an erSQL-query to retrieve data from the repository
  • display the results in tabular form
  • export the results to Excel

XML-Import / Export

  • import data from XML-Files
  • export data to XML-Files