metaEXL - Excel Integration

Excel-Files are omnipresent in modern organizations. They are used to collect, exchange and import / export data. Excel-sheets can be exchanged with the repository with a minimum of standardization or conversion. They are also very helpful to build test sets for models and use cases.

The Excel-Interface operates like any application and is therefore also controlled by the security system: It must log in to a Schema and provide a UserID and password. Therefore one can use the Exel-interface in a very selective and controlled manner.

Import Data from an Excel-Map

The Excel-Import reads all tables from an Excel-Map and stores the data in the repository. The names from the data model serve as links between the Excel-sheets and the repository. A map with 40 tables – one table for each entity and several tables for the relations – and 20.000 instances is loaded in 8 seconds. The loader performs a thorough check and produces a detailed documentation about the load process or input errors.

Query and Export

The MetaExl interface provides a facility to select and export data from the repository with a simple query (noSQL) in the header line.

Update an Excel Map

The update-facility is used to refresh the data in an Excel sheet with the content from the repository. This enables users to set up Excel-tables for specific groups or purposes and to update them with the content of the repository.


This function provides an automatic backup of content of the entire repository or of a the content of a specific view.