What is an "Executable Conceptual Model"?

Conceptual models are a generally accepted approach to develop abstract models of the real world. The "executable conceptual model" takes this concept one step further and uses a conceptual model also as a programming interface. This prevents the loss of semantics when you convert the conceptual model into the tables of the relational model.

The implementation of an ECM is a DBMS with an entity-relationship model – is Metasafe!

In April 2007 Peter Chen and Jose Blakely discussed this subject where Peter explained how the entity relationship model is not only a tool to design conceptual models but also a basis for the “execution of conceptual models”. Jose explained the role of the conceptual models in the world of the relational model. See (http://channel9.msdn.com/Shows/Going+Deep/Dr-Peter-Chen-Entity-Relationship-Model-Past-Present-and-Future).

Last update on 11.06.2012 by Reinhold Thurner.

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