What is an Entity-Relationship DBMS?

An Entity-Relationship DBMS handles entities and their attributes (similar to the tables of a RDBMS). An erDBMS handles in addition the relationships between entities and the attributes of relationships (beyond the functionality of a RDBMS).

An erDBMS "is a" DMBS, in the sense that it fulfills the ACID-criteria of Atomicity, Consistency, Independence and Durability. It provides all the tools which are necessary to manage and to access the database – an API, the access language erSQL, a tool to edit and maintain the models (metaModeller), tools to import / export data from XML-files or Excel-Maps etc.

The Metasafe erDBMS provides a direct representation of the structure of interconnected data which is easy to understand for all involved stakeholders. Complex information structures become transparent.

Last update on 10.11.2011 by Reinhold Thurner.

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