What is a conceptual model?

Conceptual models are used describe the intention or purpose of something in abstract and generalized manner. Conceptual models are the blueprints of information management. Entity-relationship models are the de facto standard to represent conceptual models. Such a model can be represented by a graphical representation (an ER-diagram) or an XML-File or formalized text in "object – verb – subject" notation.

Modeling is widely used in application development, sometimes only in the early design stages. Models are of limited value if they are drawn as mere pictures, are not integrated, redundant and scattered in private project files. These models become obsolete over time.

Models should accompany a product through the entire lifecycle. Properly documented and maintained models are the central reference about the information assets – similar to the blueprints of an engineering company.

Metasafe provides the tools to develop, to maintain, to document and to store conceptual models.

Last update on 10.11.2011 by Reinhold Thurner.

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