Can Metasafe manage also large enterprise models?

Metasafe manages also very large enterprise models (thousands of types) in an entity-relationship database in a secure and efficient manner. Metasafe provides the tools to develop, to maintain, to document and to store conceptual models. Models can be developed in multi-user mode under transaction control. Models are fully documented and an invaluable information base.

To manage a single very large model is not the issue: The real challenge is the ability to maintain submodels as views in a consistent manner. Metasafe uses submodels to grant fine grained access rights to the models and also to the instance data.

You can e.g. set up a submodel for an application which uses only a subset of the entities, relationships and attributes. Then you would grant access rights to an administrator to maintain this model – and only this model. The administrator can then grant access rights to application users.  

Last update on 10.11.2011 by Reinhold Thurner.

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