One Size Fits All?

The relational concept - with tuples stored in tables - was the exclusive database credo for more than a decade.
Things have changed:

- Very large volumes (Big Data) require new structures
- Hundreds of new DBMS-Implementations are emerging
- Organizations are struggling with legacy data
- Users resort to Shadow-IT (with Excel, Powerpoint, Mail)
- The complexity of data and databases grows

A Repository is the DBMS to manage all these DMBSs

This is the Price of One Size
- technology dominates solutions
- growing complexity
- loss of flexibility
- new requirements are not met
- innovation is strangled
- supplier lock-in

Pick the right DBMS
- for OLTP
- for OLAP
- for Big Data
- for IT Applications
- for IT-Operations
- for IT-Development 

Design Data Models  >>>
- Create a Dictionary >>>
- Design + Document Models >>>
Test Data Models  >>>
- with real instance data
Create Yellow Pages  >>>
- Information Dictionary
erDBMS based Applications >>>
- without impedance mismatch