IT-Map Transparency in IT

Information about information-systems is vital to create business value and to align business requirements and IT-technology.

Service Portfolio

– describes the services from a business perspective. It contains the SLAs (Service-Level Agreements) the responsibilities and references to the technical implementation and resources. The service portfolio is the reference for the business and for IT: it defines the supplied services, the cost, open issues and plans.

Application Portfolio

– describes areas of responsibility / competence from a technical perspective for application support and technical implementation. The application portfolio is increasingly complex because different "applications" and technologies interact as e.g. Legacy applications, standard software, web-applications and Office-IT-applications (Excel, Mail). Detailed and accurate information is required to analyze and solve problems, manage new requirement and projects to implement new functionality.

System Configurations

– (CMDB) describes the technical structure of systems (software, hardware and configurations). New architectures replace the huge mainframe 3GL-programs by a large number of interacting services installed on lots of servers and even the cloud. The increase in number of components leads to an even greater increase in number of relationships between the components.

Information Dictionary

– contains the description of the information assets from a business perspective (a conceptual model) and from the technical perspective (the actual implementation in databases, files and storage).  Accurate information about information (metadata) helps to assure security, compliance and optimal use of the information by the business.

Implementing an IT-Map with Metasafe

An IT-Map is a not just another tool but a vision to make IT useful for IT (IT4IT). Organizations have already hundreds of scattered data stores – databases, scripts, Excel-Sheets, mails, documents – containing information about their IT-systems. The goal is to have a common view, accuracy and reliability of the information.  This can be achieved with a platform designed for complex information – a repository – the Metasafe repository.