Metasafe Architecture

  • Metasafe - an erDBMS (i.e. a Database Management System based on the Entity-Relatinship Model.
    explained using the definition of a DBMS as published by Wikipedia
  • Logical Architecture Logical architecture describes the construction of Metasafe in four layers of abstraction from the top M3 core layer down to the M0 instance level.
  • Functional Architecture describes the construction from a service point of view. It shows how applications can access the tools and core services of Metasafe.
  • Technical Architecture explains the single and multi-user-version and the operating environment.


  • metaModeler is the tool to develop and document "information models". The metaModeler is a tool to manage information-models and submodels in a multi-user environment to create a viable dictionary of the information assets and a base for application acquisition or development.
  • metaEditor is a generic tool to browse, search, update the content of the database. The tool consitst of a set of Eclipse plugins.
  • metaEXL provides the means to import / export data from and to Excel. This is especially helpful to replace some Exel-based applicaitons or to provide an initial load of data
  • erSQL: the access language of metasafe is a powerful and still easy to use query language. The language describes how to navigate through the relationships of the repository (instead of JOINing tables).
  • BIRT-Interface opens the functionality of the Business Intelligence and Reporting Tool for broader use. The combination of BIRT and the erSQL-query opens a completely new possibilities for powerusers and developers.

Metasafe Core Database Services

API - the Application Programming Interface provides a direct access to the services of the Metasafe repository for Java applications or tools developers.