Applications and Solutions

There is a broad range of applications which deal with fine grained or complex or structurally volatile information. Dependencies and relationships are the dominating structural elements of this kind of application. Metasafe - as a entity-relationship dbms - directly supports the representation of complex information. Consequently applications built on top of metasafe are easier and faster to develop and more flexible to apply changes. Examples are:

  • Business Applications with a few GB of data and strong demand for reporting and flexibility
  • Metadata Management, where complex and volatile structures must be managed
  • Information Dictionary which describes the structure, meaning, use and implementation of information
  • Tools for Application Life Cycle Management, as portfolio, program and investment management
  • Tools for Application Development from requirements to IT-Operations
  • Tools to support the Concepts of ITIL with a flexible and powerful CMDB
  • Business Intelligence and Reporting - where data from many sources are consolidated and reported

Many applications of this kind are built using Excel or XML-Files or use a relational database. They must flatten the conceptual structures into tables. This leads to the so called "impedance mismatch" between "concept" and implementation - which is ultimately also responsible for the mismatch between users and IT-solutions.