API Application Progamming Interface

The API provides a powerful (java) framework to enable application to access the models AND the instance data. The Metasafe toolbox has been implemented with the API.

Some tools are using the Eclipse-Framework on top of the Metasafe API. The MetaEditor is such an example. It is constructed as a set of plugins with extension points. The MetaEditor is entirely data model driven. Extensions of the model will immediately show also in the MetaEditor. The MetaEditor is a tool to browse, search, import, export, display and update instance data.

As in introduction we provide a set of sample programs. An example is the program called 'smalldemo'. It navigates through the repository in an entirely data driven manner. It took a - certainly experienced - java programmer just one weeks to understand the API and another one to develop and document this program. Code snippets from this program can be used to get accustomed quickly and to create you own program. The documentation and the program is available on request.