Metasafe - in a Nutshell

Complex Data – Information Value or Nuisance?

Accurate Data about lots of highly interconnected things
      (like cost, revenue, risk, chance, owner, amount due, plan etc.)
      could be an invaluable asset and basis for business decisions.
They become a nuisance
      if they are buried in lots of spreadsheets (of shadow-IT)
      or inaccessible for the user in flat relational tables (of Corporate IT).

Information at Your Fingertips

Navigate the information network of the repository
      to view and update the data,
      retrieve data with an intuitive query and exchange information.
      Create high quality reports with BIRT - yourself.

Reduce the Cost - Increase the Value - Use the Right Technology

Create, document and manage data models and
      test them with instance data.
Develop custom applications faster and mor flexible
      use the Metasafe tool-box with Eclipse Plugins and extensions
    Implement them on top of the integrated framework 


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Explore the Features  -  understand the Purpose  -  use the advantages

Feature Purpose Advantage

Conceptual models Centralized documentation about information Better managed information assets. Better quality of data models and data
Cloned submodels Support individual views Submodels are easy to understand and consistent with enterprise model.
Graphical output Visual documentation Easy to understand, automatically created, configurable to user requirements
Management of instance data Keep data model and instance data in sync Avoid the impedance mismatch and the creeping degradation of the documentation.
Versioning Automatic handling of versioning by DBMS-Core Application development is relieved from implementing versioning.
Model based access rights Protect data against unauthorized access Fine-grained access rights are easier to grant and easier to understand.

erSQL query language Structured access language for easy data access Users and specialists can use it on the spot. Queries are self-documenting
erSQL editor Create queries in graphical dialog No language barrier, results in minutes
Modeling tool Transaction protected multi-user modeling Several designers can work in parallel. Big models can be managed.
metaEditor Direct query, update, browse of the database No program required to access the database. Access is configurable and flexible

BIRT interface Reporting and BI with the Eclipse report engine No program required to create high quality reports and analysis and analysis of cubes.
metaEXL Bi-directional data exchange with Excel Endusers love it, data management controls it, metaEXL to consolidate an Excel-farm
Multi-user capability Secure access for many users to shared data Secure sharing of common information Avoid redundancy (copies of Excel sheets)
Java API Service package for application developers Readymade functions for application developers. Full access to all functions
Plug-in external sources Connect external data stores – databases, files etc Smooth coexistence with other data Easier incremental migration

Eclipse based user interface Standard known multi-window GUI General standard, easy to use / to learn Developer: plug-ins to extend the functionality
Web-2.0 Access Use and maintain the repository via the web Easy, controlled access for many users Easy to manage web-application
Open architecture Fit into an existing ecosystem; standard access techniques Fits smoothly into an existing environment Easy to install and easy to manage
Multi GB data store Store large models and data volumes Avoid scattering of data models and metadata Non redundant centrally accessible data
Platforms Windows, Unix Metasafe runs where Java runs